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Trump to visit France for D-Day 75th anniversary
US President Donald Trump is to visit Normandy in June this year for the 75th anniversary commemorations of D-Day, he has said. Mr Trump made the announcement during a reception of World War II veterans in the Presidential Oval Office, at the White House, in Washington DC. [Connexion FranceRead more...
[Posted: 2019-04-30 09:01:00]
Bernard DARGOLS, 98, died April 28, 2019
We have just learned that Bernard DARGOLS has died. Bernard DARGOLS landed on Omaha Beach with 2nd Infantry Division. Read more...
[Posted: 2019-04-29 22:00:00]
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Samuel Clinton Palmer Service ID: 35803938 From: Tallega, Lee County, Ky Birth Date November 28, 1924 Casualty Date June 6, 1944 Army Corporal HQ Company, 2nd Battalion, 116 Infantry Regiment, 29th Infantry Division Casualty Type KIA - Kill in Action Location: Omaha Beach, Normandy, France
Honored by Jeffrey Palmer
[Posted: 2023-12-25 14:40:54]
I had the great honor of visiting the Normandy American Cemetery in June, 2023. I walked the grounds until I found a Texas soldier. It was that of Edward J Lahaye. It was truly a moving experience. I hoped to reach out to his family with a photo of his cross, but see it is already posted on this
Honored by Lil Metzger
[Posted: 2023-07-23 04:48:28]
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1st Infantry Division
1st Division, 16th Regiment, Headquarters (Journal)
  0630 - First wave lands. Schedule on beach of Normandy France (see Field 5, Hq CT 16) and meets fierce resistance on beaches. Beach is under heavy machine gun and rifle fire. No advance made inland ... Read more
1st Division, 16th Regiment, Headquarters Co. (After Action Report)
  The Advance CP Group, on board "Henrico", went down the nets on the side of the ship and loaded into LCM #26 at 0500 hours, and set sail for the beach. The Advance Group, consisting of 102 men in ... Read more
1st Division, 16th Regiment, Cannon Co. (After Action Report)
  At about H-3 hours, the six howitzer sections loaded on DUKWs aboard LST 376 were driven into ocean approximately twelve miles out from the beach. As the DUKWs were driven down the ramps of the LSTs ... Read more
1st Division, 16th Regiment, 1st Bn., Headquarters Co. (After Action Report)
  On 6 June 1944 at 0800 the forward C.P. group of the 1st Battalion 16th Infantry landed on the left side of Easy Red - Omaha Beach. The machine gun and rifle fire was terrific and men were being hit ... Read more
1st Division, 16th Regiment, 1st Bn., A Co. (Account)
  At approximately 0530 hours on 6 June 1944 the company disembarked from the USS Samuel Chase for the invasion of France. Company A was the assault company of the reserve battalion and landed on Easy ... Read more
1st Division, 16th Regiment, 1st Bn., B Co. (Account)
  Boats were lowered from the APA at 0555 hours 6 June. The landing craft put the company ashore on Easy Red at 9755 amidst heavy artillery and small arms fire. Practically all the proceeding waves were ... Read more
1st Division, 16th Regiment, 1st Bn., D Co. (Account)
  D Company landed on Omaha Beach Easy Red at 0920 hours 6 June 1944 and moved in against a low bank while an exit was being cleared. The Mortar platoon and the 2nd platoon went into position along the ... Read more
1st Division, 16th Regiment, 2nd Bn., Headquarters Co. (Account)
  The sections organized quickly on the beach. The A&P platoon started through the passage to the initial CP, firing unexperienced beach engineers in a minefield. The demolition squad, having lost their ... Read more
1st Division, 16th Regiment, 2nd Bn., F Co. (After Action Report)
  Strojny took up the bazooka, but it was pierced through the tube by shell fragments. The enemy gun continued firing, which made Strojny mad. He decided to try the bazooka anyway, so he loaded a round ... Read more
1st Division, 16th Regiment, 2nd Bn., F Co. (Account)
  Company F landed on Beach vicinity of Colleville-sur-Mer at 0640 hours. Smoke laid down by the Navy and Artillery had already lifted, which therefore enabled the enemy to observe of the Company. Enemy ... Read more
1st Division, 16th Regiment, 2nd Bn., G Co. (After Action Report)
  The 1st sectionreached the outskirts of the town at 1315 hours and occupied the church and house due south of the church at 687882, where they became engaged with the enemy at point-blank range. ... Read more
1st Division, 16th Regiment, 2nd Bn., G Co. (Account)
  At 0115 hours, 6 June 1944 the Company was alerted aboard the USS Henrico and began preparations of disembarking into assault craft. Breakfast was given all Army personnel at this time, consisting of ... Read more
1st Division, 16th Regiment, 2nd Bn., H Co. (Account)
  Member of this organization loaded in their assault craft at approximately 0430 hours and started rendezvous movement until the entire group had gathered. The armada was complete and very satisfying. ... Read more
1st Division, 16th Regiment, 3rd Bn., L Co. (Account)
  The company landed between 0650 and 0700. The order from left to right in the assault sections was fur, five, three, headquarters detachment, two and one. The fourth section foundered due to heavy ... Read more
1st Division, 26th Regiment, Headquarters (Journal)
  June 6 - At daylight no land can be observed. 0720 hours was to be "H" hour for the invasion of Europa Festung (The Fortress of Europe). We are to land on Omaha Fox Green beach. The 16th Infantry is ... Read more
1st Division, 1st Medical Bn., A Co. (After Action Report)
  Eighty six men and four officer of Company A were aboard. At 8:30 a.m. our craft, LCI 85, headed in for the shore with no enemy opposition encountered so far. As the boat slid in over the pilings that ... Read more